Canadian Horse Journal - Autumn 2019

In This Issue


  • Rider Prejudice Against Mares - Recent research reveals negative attitudes towards the equine fairer sex.
  • To Blanket or Not? - Certain blanket types could be causing horses to overheat.
  • Soldier On! - Canadian Armed Forces members and veterans saddle up and find healing with the RCMP.
  • Horses Above the Clouds - Horses can fly! An inside look at the business of shipping horses by air.
  • The Unplanned Dismount - Learn how to reduce the risk of injury when the inevitable happens.
  • Effective Footwork - Try these focused groundwork exercises to improve your horse’s body symmetry, posture, and core muscles.
  • Hard Landing - George Morris receives a lifetime ban from SafeSport. What does it mean?


  • Feed the Growing Horse - How to meet your youngster’s nutritional needs for maintenance, growth and development.
  • Does Your Horse Have TMD? - Head tossing, bit resistance, baffling behaviour. Could a disease of the temporomandibular joint be causing these symptoms?
  • Happy Hyoids! - A close look at the anatomy and function of the equine hyoid apparatus and the far-reaching impact of an unhappy hyoid. 


  • Country Homes & Acreages
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Celebration of Horses Photo Contest
  • Manitoba Horse Council News
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News

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