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Practical information about our horse industry, and a comprehensive source of reference covering all breeds and disciplines, for today's horse enthusiast.

In This Issue


Research Roundup - The latest horse industry research from around the globe:

  • A revolutionary treatment for OCD in horses.
  • Hope for horses with laminitis.
  • Intense exercise can be hazardous to horses.
  • Are we training our horses more than necessary?
  • Why donkeys feel the cold.
  • Do horses have ancient, hidden toes?
  • Equine vision research to influence jump colour.
  • A new approach to worm control.

Reviving Ancient Skills  - 7 Burgeoning Horse Sports That Stoke Riders’ Passions


Winds of Change Are Blowing Through Canada’s Horse Industry  - Our industry contributes to Canada’s economy and quality of life – but are we prepared for the future?

Southlands Riding Club - A visit to Vancouver’s unique equestrian community just 15 minutes from downtown.

Ya Ha Tinda - The Canadian Government’s only working horse ranch celebrates 100 years on the mountain prairie.

HOW TO Horsekeeping - Guidelines and step-by-step instructions to help you improve your horsekeeping skills and confidence:

  • How To Keep Horses Affordable
  • How to Budget Horse Expenses
  • How to Fit a Bit
  • How to Set Poles for Flatwork
  • How to Define Attainable Goals

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