Print and Digital Copy - Special Double Issue of Canadian Horse Journal

Canada's Horse Industry at Your Fingertips

Practical information about our horse industry, and a comprehensive source of reference covering all breeds and disciplines, for today's horse enthusiast.

In This Issue


  • Research Roundup - The latest horse industry research from around the globe.
  • Horses for Everyone in Edmonton - The public treasure called Whitemud is a landmark equestrian centre in Alberta with a fascinating 100-year history.
  • How To Horsekeeping - Step-by-step instructions on how to braid for hunter, jumper, and dressage, and how to do a tidy-up clip to improve the horse’s overall appearance. 


  • Insurance Coverage for Natural Disasters - Natural disasters have devastated many parts of Canada in recent years. What types of insurance coverage protect against these risks? 
  • How to Find the Money for Horse Sports - Finding the money for horse sports can be challenging, but with ingenuity, riders can discover funding in unusual places.
  • Canada’s Horse Industry Builders - The careers and stories of extraordinary Canadians who blazed uncharted territory and took our horse industry to new heights.
  • The Enduring Cowboy - The 21st century working cowboy embraces new technology while keeping time-honoured traditions alive.

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