Book Review: The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat

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By Phil Van Treuren

Stoic Simple Press, 2022, ISBN 979-8-218-05094-8, 26 pages, hardcover

Reviewed by Tania Millen, BSc, MJ

This enchanting little book follows a bay ranch horse and his ginger feline companion as they wander through their ranch on an autumn day. Throughout their conversation, the two disagree about what is good and bad, and how they feel about different things.

The book offers a simple message about how the power of our perceptions affect our everyday attitudes. It’s a story about the value of stoicism and how contentment may be found by accepting what we cannot change.

Lovely illustrations on every second page make the colourful 17.5 cm x 17.5 cm (7” x 7”) book suitable for both children and adult readers. The book is beautifully designed and would make a charming gift for young and old.

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Book Review: The Stock Horse + the Stable Cat