Podcasts - Healthy Decision-Making in our Horses

Heather Nelson horse trainer, liberty horse training, connecting with my horse

Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | Episode 68

One of my favourite podcast guests is back and dropping some amazing wisdom about horses and life! Heather Nelson and I connected over the interwebs to chat about what staying home for the winter means for her training and her own horses, where her new learning edge lies, and why and how she’s shifting the way that she’s working with her horses. It is showing up in my lessons with her and my mare Raven (and why I was quite terrible at it!). As always, we giggled a lot, and had an impressive amount of fun while discussing our horse time. Enjoy!

Heather Nelson is a liberty training specialist, known for starting from the beginning without the lines and inspiring horses through connection. She combines her background in ground work, classical dressage, intuitive training and liberty to help horse lovers like you tap into your own innate ability to earn a big YES from your horse so you can coach your horse to develop to their highest potential in self expression and balance. Heather is sought after for her engaging workshops and demonstrations where she teaches people to access leadership and respect through creative play, which is just as out of the box as it sounds.  

Main Photo: Cheryl Person