Horse Behaviour & Psychology

By Will Clinging - I will not use the term “spoiled” as I think a spoiled horse is one that has become a serious problem for his owner. I will say, though, that some of these pampered horses are well on their way to developing “princess complex.”

By Will Clinging - By being aware of our mental outlook, emotional state and physical well being, we can become more aware of our horses. There is a lot more that goes into training a horse than just physical exercises and maneuvers.

By Will Clinging - When we interact with our horses there is a dialog between us. Because horses have a physical language it is sometimes difficult to understand how our horse is communicating with us. When we handle a horse it is important to take their gestures into consideration.

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By Lindsay Grice - From a trainer’s point of view, I can tell you that during the education process the horse often gets worse before he gets better. I regularly see the scenario of a home raised and broke horse, accustomed to marching to his own drum, realising that he’s not the King of the Hill anymore when he finds himself answering to the trainer each day.

Points on Praise for Horses

By Lindsay Grice - You’ll find that in the course of training your horses, you’ll be essentially asking them questions, and making it difficult to make the wrong choice, and easy and pleasurable to make the right choice. The challenge for a horse trainer is to find the perfect balance of pressure and reward for each individual horse.

By Lindsay Grice - “Is it me or my horse?” Every rider has asked herself this question when encountering a problem. But to say a horse likes or respects one rider over another is simplistic – let’s look deeper into the concept of nature versus nurture.

By Will Clinging - It is not uncommon for a trainer to say that the horse is a flight animal. That is a simple enough concept but how do we deal with this instinct? Most horses use flight as their primary defense mechanism.