Source: Jorge Bernhard on behalf of the EC Board of Directors

Dear Friends,

We have taken note of the recent article published by Horse Sport on February 17, 2017 titled “7 Times Equestrian Canada’s Board Broke Their Own Rules” and quoting an anonymous former Director of EC. The article alleges breaches of By-laws by the Equestrian Canada (“EC”) Board of Directors (“Board”).

These allegations are incorrect and misleading. Even the title of the article indicates the By-laws are the Board’s “own rules” - but in fact they are for the entire organization and final approval rests with the members. One could easily conclude that the article may be intended primarily to tarnish the EC Board’s reputation. The article fails to include information that was readily available and would have made for a more balanced and accurate publication.

We wish to reassure our community that no disregard for governance was evidenced. There were circumstances that arose that had to be addressed by the Board, but at no time did the Board make decisions without fully informing the members and acting in the interests of EC in accordance with the principles of good governance. The “rules of play” were followed and adhered to in making changes in every instance.

Please find enclosed a detailed response that includes pertinent information and facts as they relate to the specific allegations raised in the article.

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