By Laurie Haughton, Chair, CQHA Media, Marketing & Communications Committee

The Canadian Quarter Horse Association’s (CQHA) Breeders Committee launched a program in 2022 to reward Canadian-bred Quarter Horses excelling in their disciplines at events nationwide sanctioned by American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and/or AQHA/CQHA Affiliate partners.

The decision to expand the program for 2023 and offer the award at 15 Canadian shows from June to September was based on feedback received from both the hosts of 2022 events and Canadian breeders pleased to see CQHA creating a program that recognizes owners and exhibitors who show “made-in-Canada” horses. 

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Fifteen Canadian shows in 2023 will present CQHA Canadian-Bred awards to breeders and owners to recognize their “made-in-Canada” Quarter Horses that excel at events sanctioned by AQHA and/or AQHA/CQHA Affiliate partners. Photos courtesy of CQHA

To be eligible for any of the Canadian-bred awards, the AQHA registration papers are used to determine if the breeder listed has a Canadian address. Event hosts can decide if the award is allocated to a class where the top-performing Canadian horse would be recognized, or if the award is presented to their event’s highest-scoring or highest point-earning eligible horse.

The slate of 2023 events presenting CQHA Canadian-bred awards is listed on the website. Please visit us to learn more about this and other programs created by CQHA to support and promote Canada’s Quarter Horse industry. 

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