Walking the Cross Country Course

By Lesley Stevenson - One of my favorite parts of an eventing competition is that first course walk. I can't wait to see what the course designer has in store for us competitors! But walking the course is serious business - your course walking skills can mean the difference between success and failure out there on the course.

Quality Contact

By Lesley Stevenson - What should you feel in your hands when your horse is going correctly on the flat? I think many riders are unsure of what they should be looking for. What a rider feels in their hands is a direct correlation to the state of the horse's back and hindquarters.

What Makes a Good Event Horse

By Lesley Stevenson - There are three types of horses: those who can't wait to see what's around the next corner, those who are worried about what's around the next corner, and those who don't think about what's around the next corner and are surprised every time! A good event horse is usually the first type - curious and brave, with a good work ethic.

Straighten Your Horse for a Safer Ride over Fences

With Sarah Bradley - “Straightness refers to how the horse positions his body, and his ability to use both sides of his body evenly, providing even propulsion from both hind legs and carrying even weight on both front legs. It's about the rider’s ability to place the horse’s body on the line the rider wishes to travel. A horse is straight when the bird’s eye view shows the horse’s spine as being directly on the line of travel. Thus, a horse on a circle is ‘straight’ when it compresses the inside of its body and lengthens the outside, so that its spine follows the circle.”

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By Lindsay Grice - Boundaries. When dealing with kids or horses we do them a favour by establishing limits and expectations. When boundaries shift or are not well communicated, dullness, distraction, and resentment can arise.



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