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sciencepure, pureform, helping horses with cushings


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SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc., the developers of brand PUREFORM®, first presented their targeted nutritional supplement concentrates to the equine and pet markets in 1997. The first equine products were designed to target horse joint pain (GHCL Plus/Glucosamine PLUS), as well as inflammation and respiratory issues (Curcuzone/First Response). They were so well received by the equine community in North America that the company received awards and accolades within the first two years.

sciencepure, pureform, helping horses with cushings

PUREFORM Mare Support as a nutritional supplement for Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (Cushing’s Disease).

“It’s about time!” and “Why does it work so fast?” were often-heard comments. Now over 20 years later, SciencePure Nutraceuticals is respected for their entire lineup of nutritional formulas, and the concept that was so far ahead of its time is now more relevant than ever to the issues horse owners struggle with. 

“Each product is scientifically developed for a reason, to change and improve your animal on a cellular level, ultimately bringing a balance to the animal as a whole, and making the animal more comfortable in its skin and mind. Owners notice consistent performance improvements, and an ease with which the horse or pet learns with a calm and focused work ethic. Benefits also come with better coat and hoof quality, brighter eyes, and mobility and digestive improvements.”

A happy client reported, “I started the supplement because someone said I should boost my horse’s look and performance to sell him faster, now I don’t want to sell him because he has become the horse I wanted.” 

Talk to an intuitive and knowledgeable SPN representative about what you may be dealing with and the changes you would like to see. SciencePure Nutraceuticals welcomes your questions and strives to provide sound technical and nutritional advice. Join the thousands who now understand the ease and completeness of the PureForm nutritional concept.

sciencepure, pureform, helping horses with cushings

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