Electric Hoof Knife

Electric hoof knife

hoof trimming

The Electric Hoof Knife (EHK) is a revolutionary hoof trimming tool designed for use by horse owners who like to trim their own horse’s feet, as well as for veterinarians and farriers.

The EHK is available in three new and uniquely different equine tool sets. The EHK design, shape, and weight allow you to easily remove hoof material with precision control. The EHK can be used for everything from regular trims to hoof resections. You can remove hoof material in slivers as thin as an egg shell. 

The EHK easily duplicates the cutting action of nippers and/or a hoof knife but without using the physical force normally associated with these traditional hand tools. The operating noise level is approximately 100 decibels, about as loud as a pair of electric clippers. The chain saw disc is easy to sharpen using a diamond coated chain saw file.


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Electric Hoof Knife