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Give your horses the ultimate in comfort with ThinLine® Canada. These saddle pads offer over 90 percent shock absorption between horse and rider, which is the impact that comes from the rider sitting on the horse’s back, and the horse’s back lifting into the rider’s seat. Decreasing these opposing forces allows the horse to move more fluidly and provides for a smoother seat for the rider. 

The ThinLine® Basic Trimmed Standard Pad.

The ThinLine® saddle pads employ a unique, open-cell technology that distributes shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. ThinLine® products are 100 percent breathable and do not trap any heat or moisture.

As horses develop in training, their shape can change. Some ThinLine® pads offer shimming ability to help adjust the fit of the saddle to the changing athlete. Shims are available for the front (wither relief), centre (to help with bridging/swayback) and the rear (to lift the cantle).

The Trifecta Cotton Half Pad with sheepskin rolls.

ThinLine® Canada provides tack to improve the comfort of all equestrians and their horses, and are the most-recommended pad among saddle fitters. The pads provide a non-slip surface that fits horses of all shapes, and work well for all saddles including English, Western, endurance, and even treeless. Enjoy additional rider comfort with their wide selection of tack including reins, seat savers, and more.

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Main photo: The ThinLine® Western Premium Pro-Tech Wool Pad.


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