Book Review: The Rescue of Belle and Sundance - A Miracle on Mount Renshaw

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Reviewed by Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne

By Birgit Stutz with Lawrence Scanlan, Published by Collins, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers Limited, Toronto, Ontario, ISBN: 978-1-55468-619-3, $24.99 – Hardcover.

The Rescue of Belle and Sundance: A Miracle on Mount Renshaw, written by Birgit Stutz with Lawrence Scanlan, tells the true story of the incredible rescue effort launched by residents of McBride to save two packhorses abandoned on the slopes of Mount Renshaw, in Northeastern British Columbia.

Belle and Sundance were discovered, imprisoned in six-foot-deep snow, on December 15, 2008. They were starving, freezing, and very close to death. Despite their appalling condition, the decision was made to try to save them.

Over a period of two weeks, the McBride community pulled together, enduring long hours of challenging physical labour in sub-zero temperatures to dig by hand, a three-foot-wide, six-foot-deep, kilometre long trench through the snow so that the horses could escape.

Birgit Stutz tells her story simply, without any embellishment to detract from the tale. Her account of the rescue is emotional and inspiring.

As a reader, when the horses are finally rescued and placed in loving homes, one can hardly refrain from tearing up. This work of non-fiction comes highly recommended for all those who profess to have a true love of horses!

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Book Review: The Rescue of Belle & Sundance