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Premium Footing. Everyday Soundness.

Source: ReitenRight Equestrian

“Our goal at ReitenRight is to provide our customers with a premium footing product that delivers consistency, quality, longevity, and daily soundness,” says Alysha Sauve, sales and marketing manager, ReitenRight Equestrian Inc., in Delta, British Columbia. “Everyday Soundness is more than a slogan, it’s our mission,” she says. “We believe it is the little decisions, made each and every day, that ultimately lead to success as an equestrian.”

ReitenRight was built with the soundness and performance of horse and rider in mind. The materials are non-toxic and anti-microbial, and the footing is formulated of natural rubber that provides superior cushioning, energy return, and stability. What’s more, its moisture-retention qualities aid in reducing dust.

ReitenRight is the top pick for many international competitors, Olympians, and trainers alike. Whether you are training for the international arena or simply want the best for your equine partner, ReitenRight Equestrian Footing will be along for the journey.

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ReitenRight Equestrian Inc.