A Rider's Survival from Tyranny by Charles de Kunffy

On November 6, 1956, Charles de Kunffy set out from his family’s apartment on foot for the nearby riding academy. While walking down the still dark, deserted avenues of Soviet occupied Budapest, he saw a young boy of about six years of age shot and killed by a patrolling Soviet soldier. The child’s crime? Taping a leaflet to the door of the local movie theatre. Horrified at what he had just witnessed and terrified for his own life, de Kunffy blindly kept walking toward the relative safety of the riding academy, expecting at any moment to be killed himself. “And so it happened, that I did not get shot, but I had to watch someone else die,” de Kunffy describes in the introduction to his latest book, A Rider’s Escape from Tyranny. “I reached my horses; riding them helped me live that day.”

Lameness: Its Causes & Prevention DVD

“Anybody that’s had horses for any length of time has probably experienced the tragedy of lameness – permanent, crippling lameness,” says respected equine veterinarian Dr. Robert Miller in the introduction to his new DVD, Lameness: Its Causes & Prevention. “A majority of these lamenesses are preventable.”

Willing Partners: Insight on Stockmanship by Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell’s "Willing Partners: Insight on Stockmanship" provides owners, trainers, and riders with guidelines for developing young horses and establishing good stockmanship practices to ensure their mount’s continued advancement. The author endeavours to break down his equine philosophies, explaining how his mentors Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt helped form his persistent yet patient approach to working with horses.

Bucas Max Saddle Pad

By Emily Penn - As the Horse Journals staff are mostly riders, we get the opportunity to chat a lot about the products we either wish we owned, or wish we could invent,…and we do a lot of wishing. At the moment the product of conversation is the Bucas Max Saddle Pads.

Green Acreages Guide: Stewardship for Small Acreages

Green Acreages Guide: Stewardship for Small Acreages provides prospective and current Canadian hobby farm and acreage owners with guidelines for developing and carrying out management practices to preserve and defend the quality of their land and surrounding natural resources, including air, water, and wildlife.

By Emily Penn - The fifth season of CBC’s hit TV show Heartland was another great year of the family drama we love so much. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the latest season features the further adventures of our favourite characters and horses at the bustlingly busy Heartland Ranch.

A Marvelous Mustang: Tales from the Life of a Spanish Horse

How often do we riders wonder what our horses are thinking? A Marvelous Mustang is a fascinating story seen through the eyes of Skandranon Rashkae (“Skan”), a Spanish Mustang. Author and Skan’s owner, Janice M. Ladendorf, relates the tale of Skan’s first four years of life, from his birth as a wild horse on the range at Horse Head Ranch in North Dakota, to his capture, gentling, and eventual acceptance of life as a riding horse.



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