Leather Therapy Equestrian Wash and Restorer & Conditioner

Leather Therapy's Equestrian Wash and their Equestrian Restorer & Conditioner are a dynamic duo that work together to supple, strengthen, and protect your leather tack and gear, resulting in its increased longevity. The Equestrian Wash uses concentrated micro-suds to deep clean leather, easily lifting out embedded dirt and grime without hardening or darkening the leather. Beneficial lubricants keep leather supple and strong without leaving any build-up – no need to rinse out, just wipe off – so clean leather is left feeling wonderfully soft.

Muck Boots Pacy Boot

The equestrian inspired Pacy Boot from Muck Boots™, available in Mid and High styles, is designed to provide feet with superior protection and comfort while riding. The 100 percent waterproof 5mm CR flex-foam bootie with four-way stretch nylon is lightweight and flexible for maximum comfort, and the stretch-fit, top-line binding snugs around the calf to keep warmth in and cold out.

Schleese Obrigado Saddle

The unique features of the Obrigado, the newest addition to Schleese’s line of dressage saddles, are such that the rider can feel the breathing of the horse, while the horse moves as freely as if he were not under saddle. The deep seat comes with a flex cap option (providing cantle shock absorption for the rider’s back), and the sloped pommel with recessed tree points enables the rider to sit close to the base of the withers while allowing maximum freedom of the horse’s shoulder rotation. An adaptable (flexing) extra narrow twist improves the rider’s ability to give precise, well-timed aids to the horse and the adjustable thigh blocks for optimum leg support are available in a variety of sizes.

Restoring Vintage Western Saddles by Alain Eon

Alain Eon’s passion for vintage saddles began in 1969 during his six month stint working on a ranch in Wyoming. Just 22 years old, he had left his native France to fulfill his childhood dream of being a cowboy and experiencing firsthand the culture of the Old West. One day, the ranch boss asked Eon to clean a collection of old saddles that were being stored in the tack room. “Discovering the fantastic work of the saddle makers of the past century,” says Eon, “I was immediately conquered, and that passion never left me.”

EquineLUX High-Performance Saddle Pad

By Emily Penn - The world is full of options, especially when it comes to horse products. As a former tack store employee, I assumed I had a pretty good idea of everything available in the world of tack and gear. But I have found that the horse industry is constantly adapting to advancing technologies, and I am excited to see these new products and adaptations hitting the market.

A Rider's Survival from Tyranny by Charles de Kunffy

On November 6, 1956, Charles de Kunffy set out from his family’s apartment on foot for the nearby riding academy. While walking down the still dark, deserted avenues of Soviet occupied Budapest, he saw a young boy of about six years of age shot and killed by a patrolling Soviet soldier. The child’s crime? Taping a leaflet to the door of the local movie theatre. Horrified at what he had just witnessed and terrified for his own life, de Kunffy blindly kept walking toward the relative safety of the riding academy, expecting at any moment to be killed himself. “And so it happened, that I did not get shot, but I had to watch someone else die,” de Kunffy describes in the introduction to his latest book, A Rider’s Escape from Tyranny. “I reached my horses; riding them helped me live that day.”

Lameness: Its Causes & Prevention DVD

“Anybody that’s had horses for any length of time has probably experienced the tragedy of lameness – permanent, crippling lameness,” says respected equine veterinarian Dr. Robert Miller in the introduction to his new DVD, Lameness: Its Causes & Prevention. “A majority of these lamenesses are preventable.”



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