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In the episode, Jec and Amy Skinner meet in the Coaches' Corner to discuss the nuances of mounting. It's simple. Sure. But a challenging-to-mount horse might mean backing up to make sure you have all the pieces in place for a safe, fun ride.

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It was such a pleasure to chat with Noah Tillman-Young of Steady Horse in this episode of the Whole Horse Podcast!

podcasts equestrian, jec ballou horse trainer, best horse podcasts

In this segment, we kind of continue - tangentially anyway - with our Gender Gyrations project to talk about mare/gelding bias in the horse world.

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This podcast episode with Josh Nichol went in an entirely different direction than expected, and I'm so grateful. It became a tribute to the two beings Josh supported in transitioning the previous day, including his best cattle dog Jake. Josh shares about his experience, the process that happened for both animals, the role of the other animals and his family and we got into ways to create a legacy for our dear ones, when they have left their physical forms. Get your tissues out, this conversation is powerful and important.

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Graduate student, Population Medicine at Ontario Veterinary College looks at how infectious disease can spread quickly in a horse show environment.

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This milestone episode is a Coaches' Corner with Jec Ballou (host), Amy Skinner, and Katrin Silva. They have a lot to say about the state of horse shows.

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What a treat of a conversation with Jane Pike of The Confident Rider for this episode of the Whole Horse Podcast. Before we even started recording, my face was hurting from giggling. That spirit continued as we traversed territory around working with and not against our emotions with our horses, practical simple steps to restore regulation in our nervous systems and build in resilience, how to work with healthy activation and discomfort, and how to navigate losing our tempers with grace and growth so that we can find better footing in the future. An excellent listen for any horse person, who, like me, loves adding tools to my toolkit that facilitate connection with my horses and beyond.

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Assistant Professor, Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College discusses the topic of reproduction and getting your mare and stallion ready for the upcoming breeding season.

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Jec Ballou interviews Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph at the University of Guelph in Ontario.

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Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | Episode 52 - One of my favourite podcast guests is back, because we all can use a little humour right about now. Liberty trainer Heather Nelson joined me to chat about the training of her “magical unicorns” aka her three horse herd. We got into some excellent detail about the unicorn creation process, mainly diving into working at liberty in different positions (including long-lining) and in different ways with each of her horses, and I was riveted and inspired. I hope you will be too!