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The equine certificates and diploma programs at Equine Guelph the horse owner's centre at the Universtiy of Guelph offers a comprehensive course of online study for the horse enthusiast and owner. This continuing education program is based on research and evidence-based knowledge providing horse owners with practical information to improve the health and welfare of horses. With 18 online courses the program is the most extensive in Canada. Take one course or work toward one of our certificates; Equine Science Certificate, Groom One Certificate, Certificate in Equine Business Management, Equine Welfare Certificate and the Equine Studies Diploma. If you are interested in improving your horses health and welfare consider taking one of our courses Sharron McClelland did and says "The courses have provided me with many new insights into both my horses and myself" and so did Stacy Markle " I've learned things over the various courses that would have taken a lifetime to learn without them."
Marjory Gaouette
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Posted: Jun 04, 2012