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Sumac Farms

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - As horse people, we’ve all dreamed about walking out the back door of our house, across the lawn, to a beautiful stable filled with happy horses. Whether your fantasy is of a cozy two stall barn or a 25 stall show facility, functionality and safety come first…which isn’t to say that beauty and luxury can’t be a part of your dream barn too.

Watch horseman, Jonathan Field, with his top performance horses in this action-packed demo video showcasing what Jonathan has achieved with horses.

Kyle King and Capone I

By Sherri Hewko - With parents and a sister who are also professional riders, King fell in love with horses at an early age and followed his passion throughout the years to become one of the top show jumping riders in the U.S. His on-and-off partner for almost a decade, the 16-year-old Holsteiner stallion, Capone I, also has success written in his genes, with internationally renowned jumper sires like Contender, Ramiro Z, and Ladykiller studding his pedigree.

SD Jack

By Wylleen May - Stevie Down is part of a vanishing breed. He is a true Romany Gypsy who is proud of his heritage and continues to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers. This tradition includes breeding Gypsy Cobs.

Woodmont Furie Lawrence

By Emily Penn - Dantan (Dan) Wilson, owner of Woodmont Canadians, a breeding farm in Ladysmith, British Columbia, is passionately committed to furthering the development and interests of Canada’s National Horse, the Canadian. Wilson’s 54 acre property is home to 20 horses that live in an all-natural pasture environment.

Aaron Martin Harness

By Emily Penn - Aaron Martin Harness Ltd. started as a small retail business in Wallenstein, Ontario, and has since grown to be one of the world’s major harness distributors. Whatever kind of harness you’re looking for, whether for draft or miniature horse, driving competition or chuckwagon race, Aaron Martin Harness is sure to have it.

By Emily Penn - For almost thirty years, Bonnie View Farm of Nobleford, Alberta, has been committed to producing and promoting quality Friesian performance horses. Veterinarians Klaas and Annelies Wiersma, who established their farm in 1983 five years after emigrating from the Netherlands, describe it as perched on the top of a hill with “the most incredible views of the Rocky Mountains and the prairies in Southern Alberta




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