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LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society’s mandate is to house, rehabilitate, and adopt Ontario’s retired Thoroughbred racehorses out to the horse loving community, as well as to educate Ontario’s racehorse community about the merits of a proper and dignified retirement from racing for their horses. Since its inception in 1999, LongRun has assisted in placing over 700 horses in permanent, loving homes.

Canadian Cowgirls performing

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - With their intricate choreography, exceptional equestrian skills, and eye-catching costumes, the Canadian Cowgirls elite precision drill team has been delighting audiences across Canada and the U.S. for a decade. Outfitted from hat to hoof in red and white, their maple leaf flags hoisted high as they ride, the Cowgirls are the living embodiment of Canadian pride. “We pride ourselves on promoting patriotism across the country,” says Team Captain Terry Jenkins.

Lane and Shiner at 2011 NAJYRC

By Emily Penn - Lane Wilson was born into the world of horses. His father and sister are both successful reiners and Lane has followed in the family footsteps. The 17-year-old from Uxbridge, Ontario, has become a successful competitor in the national and international reining world, taking home the individual gold and team silver medals in the Junior Reining divisions at the 2011 North American Junior and Young Riders Championships (NAJYRC) in Kentucky.

Toronto Mounted Police

By Ceileidh Sager - As riders, we often marvel at the placid, seemingly bombproof police horses we encounter on our city streets. Clearly police horses are put through intensive training to prepare them for patrol work, but what about their riders? In speaking with Sargent Kristopher McCarthy of the Toronto Police Mounted Unit, I learned that the city’s mounted unit has taught officers to ride using traditional cavalry methods for over a century. Recently, the Toronto Police Mounted Unit decided to incorporate English equitation standards into their officer training program.

Ponies for a Cause

By Emily Penn - Twelve-year-old Diquita Cardinal is a dedicated horse lover on a mission. Two years ago, her cousin Tianna Skyrpan, now 13, was diagnosed with cancer, and she has been undergoing chemotherapy ever since.

Connecting Through Touch with Equine Massage Therapist Sidonia McIntyre

Interviewed by Ceileidh Sager - Absolutely dedicated to giving back to the animal she calls “the perfect creature,” human registered massage therapist (RMT) turned certified equine massage therapist (CEMT), Sidonia McIntyre, has spent over a decade developing and refining her own unique equine massage program. Seeing her clients benefitting from this program, Sidonia realized the need for more people to learn about the value of massage to equine wellness, so she retired from active practice in 2007 to devote herself to educating horse owners and enthusiasts.

Standardbred Showcase

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - “Standardbred? What’s that? It moves funny!” was Kelly McLaughlin’s reaction upon being introduced to her first Standardbred. But for more than 15 years now, McLaughlin has been an advocate for the breed, first as the program coordinator at the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society (OSAS), and now as president and one of the founders of Standardbred Showcase Riding Club, a non-profit corporation whose mandate is the promotion of the Standardbred as a performance horse in the English, Western, and driving disciplines.




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