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How Humans Reshaped the Horse Through Millennia - When horses became domesticated in Kazakhstan and neighbouring regions some 5,500 years ago, it was a game changer for the human race. With horses, people had a more efficient means to travel, explore, hunt, farm, pack, and trade. They could journey by horse to socialize with others, engage in bartering, and share ideas, knowledge, language, and beliefs. With horses valued at so many levels of society, they gave rise to the very first concepts of an ancient technology transfer system.

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How the Horse Changed the West - When horses galloped across the U.S. border onto Alberta’s rolling prairies in the 1720s, it was a bit of an overdue homecoming. It had been roughly 10,000 years since the province’s expansive grasslands shuddered under hard equestrian hooves. Fossils indicate that North America is the original home of the horse, where it first appeared millions of years ago.

Shadowfax Lord of the Rings Euthanized

The Death of a Legend - Blanco, the angelic white horse who was the primary equine actor to play Gandalf’s mythical steed Shadowfax in the blockbuster Lord of The Rings (LoTR) movies The Two Towers and The Return of The King, was euthanized on March 24, 2014. One of the most beloved animal stars to ever emerge from Hollywood films, the 25-year-old Andalusian gelding suddenly fell critically ill while at home with owner, horse behaviour and positive training expert, Cynthia Royal.

The Bishop Family Business: 100 Years of Wild West Shows

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - Ordinarily, when you’re talking about a family business that has been passed down through the generations, with the parents eventually handing the reins over to their children, the “reins” are figurative. But then, the Bishop family business – consisting of daring feats on horseback, fancy roping tricks, and knife throwing – is anything but ordinary.

Photo courtesy of Zoe Lucas, Sable Island Green Horse Society

By Margaret Evans - Three hundred kilometres east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, lies a crescent-shaped island of sand 42 kilometres long by just 1.4 kilometres wide at low tide. Everything on this island – plants, animals, insects, the dunes themselves – is driven by the harsh influences of its foggy marine world where, over the centuries, this sliver of sand sculpted by churning seas and angry winds has been the graveyard of the Atlantic. Since 1583 there have been over 350 known shipwrecks on the island’s sand bars.

2013 Celebration of Horses Photo Contest Winners

Our 2013 Celebration of Horses Photo Contest welcomed hundreds of entries from all across Canada and the United States. The quality of photos we received and the unique equine moments captured made judging delightfully challenging. Thank you to everyone who shared with us the special moments and memories of their beautiful babies, hardworking heroes, and beloved equine friends, and congratulations to our winners.

Sarge and Chris Marinelli, Halifax Regional Police Mounted Unit

By Margaret Evans - What is it about police horses that continues to draw people to stroke noses and ask questions? From Vancouver to Halifax, police horses draw the public like a magnet. Their high profile presence never fails to draw admiration, whether at festivals and special occasions, in parades, or when accompanying visiting dignitaries and doing crowd control.



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