Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce the 2021 National Award recipients, recognized for their impressive achievements and contributions to the growth and success of the Canadian equestrian community.

Ottawa, ON, July 18, 2022 – Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce the re-launch of the National Economic Impact Study. EC will consult with Wilton Consulting Group (WCG) and Serecon throughout the re-launching of the project that is funded by Sport Canada, to conduct an environmental scan, key informant interviews, a national online survey and construct an input and output model to perform analysis.

Tucked away in the heart of one of Manitoba’s Provincial Parks, but only five or six miles from Winnipeg, is Manitoba Horse Council’s (MHC) Equestrian Facility. Built in Bird’s Hill Park for the 1967 and 1999 Pan American Games, it was passed over to MHC on a long lease to use, maintain, and improve. Covering more than 40 acres, there are two barns with 97 box stalls, two dressage rings, a warm-up ring and grand prix ring, and two Western rings suitable for cattle work, reining, and arena classes. Adjacent are two full-size polo fields, which are in regular use. The land is sited on a gravel moraine and is therefore extremely well-drained, allowing events to take place the day after the biggest downpours. Adjacent to the main area are two cross-country courses of all levels.

Every rider who comes along to a therapeutic riding program is considered as a unique individual. Therapeutic riding instructors are trained to make assessments of a rider's special needs and then design sessions that are both helpful and progressive. This is often with input from a physiotherapist or occupational therapist.


“Calamity” was hard at work this past month with two Livestock Emergency Response Course (LERC) trainings in Barriere and Lumby. This life-size equine mannequin has travelled with livestock handling expert Jennifer Woods around the province of BC for over five years, helping train emergency protocol involving livestock.  

Course content includes:

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Since 1984, the Equine Foundation of Canada (EFC) has been funding projects, equipment, and students to improve the welfare of horses in Canada. Fundraising has always been a challenge for the EFC, but 2021 was particularly complicated by the pandemic, lockdowns, and the limitation of person-to-person contacts. This has been especially true in Alberta due to the economic slowdown. Several years ago, Eldon Bienert was instrumental in securing several significantly large donations that have sustained the foundation through these tough times.

When horses talk, we listen. But how good are we at deciphering what they have to say? According to a study published in November 2021 by Dr. Katrina Merkies, researcher and associate professor at the University of Guelph, and her master student Haley Belliveau, we are faring well. The study is titled Human Ability to Determine Affective States in Domestic Horse Whinnies.