The Canadian horse is once again listed as critical by the Livestock Conservancy based in Pittsboro, NC. This means the breed is in danger of extinction. 

“This versatile horse is still one of Canada’s best-kept secrets,” says Wendy Bowden, an owner who is leading a group of Canadian enthusiasts in an effort to promote the breed. “We’ve created a new website to showcase the breed and raise awareness about this wonderful animal, in the hopes that we can bring it back from critical status once and for all.” The site includes a list of breeders and farms in Canada and the United States, to help interested potential owners learn more.

The group is also launching a social media campaign on Facebook to raise awareness about the breed’s capabilities – including its proven talent in today’s equestrian sports.

“There are reasons to be hopeful,” says Bowden. “Equestrians in the US are discovering the breed, and they are falling in love. Several new breeders, particularly in the Oregon area, have started breeding registered Canadian horses. We want to build on that success.” 

About the Canadian Horse 

Canada’s National Horse originated in Quebec, tracing their lineage back to shipments of fine French horses 350 years ago. They developed into hardy farm, carriage and riding horses, as well as sought-after war horses. Today they are competitive in virtually all equestrian disciplines. 

To learn more visit the Canadian horse website

For more information please contact:

Canada – Monique Boucher, 251 Law Rd., Chalk River, ON K0J 1J0. Phone: 613-602-1833. Email:

US – Christine Sharp, Dream Horse Canadians, Phone: 508-468-7685. Email:

Photo: Cara Grimshaw