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3 Rules to Maximize Time Off - Periods of downtime come as realistic parts of horse ownership, although how a rider uses these stretches of poor weather or busy schedules contributes profoundly to a horse’s long-term soundness and performance. Recent data from biomechanics researchers and veterinary schools shows that large vacillations in fitness can be detrimental to overall health, particularly for horses past their mid-teen years. Most notably, periods of lesser activity lasting over a month can weaken deep postural muscles and supporting soft tissue.

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As much as speed is everything in horse racing, so is slipstreaming. Also known as drafting, slipstreaming is a riding technique in which jockeys run their horses behind or alongside another horse to reduce aerodynamic drag. Slipstreaming saves a horse’s vital energy for that last dash to the finish line. It is a technique used in many speed and distance sports such as speed skating and cycling to save an athlete’s power and energy. Now some fascinating science has shown just how precisely different racing positions reduce drag during a race.

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If you’ve ever been to a gym after a long absence or started up a new exercise routine as part of your New Year’s resolution, you have a good appreciation for the importance of gaining and maintaining fitness. The same concept applies to your horse when you put him back into training after giving him the winter off, after a layoff from an injury, or when starting a young horse under saddle. Unfortunately, many horse owners and trainers are concerned only with working their horses over obstacles or schooling maneuvers specific to their sport, rather than ensuring their horses are fit enough to perform such tasks.



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