Product Review: A Dynamite Muscle Rub Delivers Relief

dynamint integrated bio, equine muscle rub, how to help my horse's sore muscles, equine liniments

At Integrated Bio Systems in Abbotsford, B.C. they really know how to deliver relief. Using a combination of tried and true natural oils in a moisturizing cream base they have come up with a muscle rub balm for both humans and horses that soothes and relieves muscle pain and tension.

Dynamint Muscle Rub Balm

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Reviewed by Steve Smith

dynamint integrated bio, equine muscle rub, how to help my horse's sore muscles, equine liniments

Dynamint Muscle Rub Balm for humans has as its main ingredient aromatic peppermint oil that is long known as a stimulant to increase blood circulation which speeds the healing process for sore muscles. Couple that with the tea tree oil (a skin cleanser), eucalyptus oil (which allows for skin penetration) and calendula (a skin conditioner from the petals of the golden marigold) and the results are gold standard. The all-natural formula allows for rapid transfer through the skin, allowing it to work almost immediately.

“I tried the product because I am always trying to find ways to relieve my back pain, especially products with natural ingredients,” says Steve Smith, who has been plagued with back pain for years. “It’s very easy to apply and it is the right consistency so it does not run down your back before you can spread it.”

He had used other muscle rubs but many have a strong medical smell. Smith says you can become very self-conscious of that smell when at work. Dynamint’s pleasant peppermint scent is much more subtle and acceptable than other rubs and it doesn’t stain clothing. Plus, it is in the same price range as comparative products.

“This product gave me relief from my back pain for up to two hours at a time and it can be reapplied as many times as you want in a day,” says Smith. “It is great to put on at bedtime as it takes the pain away so you can fall asleep. I’ll keep using it and I’d recommend it to anyone needing relief from muscle pain. 


Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Spray 

Reviewed by April D. Ray

dynamint integrated bio, equine muscle rub, how to help my horse's sore muscles, equine liniments

When looking for a product to use for myself or my horse, there are a couple of things I always consider: A product that is Canadian-made, and one that is completely natural. Integrated Bio Systems produces products for human and agricultural use, and I have used their Dynamint Muscle Rub Balm both for myself and on my horses over the years with good results, so I was keen to try the Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Rub in a spray format. It’s always nice to find an easier way to apply a product, especially when it comes to horses. 

The spray bottle and formulation made application really simple and totally mess free. No need for a cloth or sponge as long as your horse doesn’t have an irrational fear of spray bottles. I used the spray on a young horse named “Jack,” and while he had his initial doubts about the spray bottle, it didn’t take long at all for him to get used to it. 

The product is recommended as a leg and muscle rub and has been proven effective as a leg brace and tightener, and skin brace. It can help alleviate muscle damage, tendon strain and reducing swelling. And, given the cooling agent of peppermint oil, it can be used under leg wraps without fear of blistering or burning. The tea tree oil and calendula oil work as natural antiseptics and emollients. The skin penetrating qualities of the balm have been improved by emulsifying the oils using natural polymers to make the product water soluble. Equine massage therapists are lauding it as they watch it bring the required results and a sense of wellbeing to the animals in their care. 

dynamint integrated bio, equine muscle rub, how to help my horse's sore muscles, equine liniments

Jack and his rider are ready for work. Photo: Equine Photography by Gabriela Danasova

I will continue to use this product in our daily routine for my horses’ well-being, both as a preventative measure to soothe hardworking muscles and joints, and in the event of an injury to help aid recovery. 

Dynamint products are available at your local tack or farm supply store. 

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