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alexa linton whole horse podcast, elsa sinclair freedom based training, taming wild evolution horses

Elsa Sinclair takes us on a journey into her potent year with her two stallions - and stars of her in-progress documentary Taming Wild Evolution - and shares how Freedom Based training, which she fondly refers to as the slowest training method in the world, is evolving even more and growing in nuance and subtly.

equine podcast, horse podcast, how horses talk, deciphering horse whinnies, what is horse saying, understanding horses, dr katrina merkies

Source: Research Radio by Equine Guelph | with Dr. Katrina Merkies - Katrina has been studying Deciphering Horse Whinnies in relation to Human-Horse interactions. She explains her findings by answering common questions.

bitless bridles, how to choose bitless bridles, jec ballou trainer, ben longwell true west horsemanship, best horse practices podcast, riding a bitless horse

Podcast host Jec Ballou (bio below) and Ben Longwell of True West Horsemanship respond to a listener question about bitless options: my question is about ‘bitless’ bridles, side pulls, or the bosals or any other type of ‘bitless’ bridle that you may have had experience with. Which would be most suitable for what horse, temperament, type of exercise or work. I am in the process of starting a horse. We are in first rides with rope halter and rather than bit him for our first rides, I thought maybe I could just train him to a more subtle bridle.

horse podcasts, alexa linton podcasts, elisse miki equine rehab, equilibria therapeutics, whole horse podcast

Elisse Miki of Equilibria Therapeutics and Alexa Linton venture into more of our favourite territory, this time focusing on the nervous system, neuroplasticity, motor control, rehabilitation, what cranial work has to do with any of this, and all things neuroscience.

dr scott weese, infections horses, equine infections, biosecurity, equine guelph, horse health, keeping horse healthy

Dr. Scott Weese, Professor in Pathobiology at Ontario Veterinary College, discusses his research into infection control and bacterial infections in animals and humans.

grooming horses, how to groom horse, horse psychology, equine psychology, how to connect with horse, jec ballou

In this episode, Jec talks with Robin Foster, a certified applied animal behaviorist and a professor at the University of Puget Sound in Washington State. Foster cites an interesting study on grooming by Lea Lansade, a researcher in France.

kathy sierra, horse trainer, alexa linton, equestrian psychology, equine manual therapist

Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | with Kathy Sierra

equine stem cell therapy, equine guelph research radio, ontario veterinary college

Dr. Thomas Koch, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Ontario Veterinary College, discusses his work on stem cell therapy.

Source: Best Horse Practices | Season 2, Episode 21 

Source:The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | with Josh Nichol