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Dr. Luis G. Arroyo discusses ticks in horses and what to do if ticks are found and what to do to prevent them.

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This week I was joined by Equine Physiotherapist Yasmin Stuart, who is also a BTMM apprentice trainer with Celeste Lazaris. As I recently enrolled in Celeste Lazaris’ self-study Nerve Release Technique course, it felt very aligned to connect with Yasmin for a chat about her work and the patterns she’s been noticing amongst her clients through the lens of posture and nerve impingement.

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Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | with Felicity Davies

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Source: Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou

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I have written a lot about the power of a good start and the hazards and pitfalls of a bad start. Mostly, I’ve talked about my experiences with restarting horses who have been in bad homes or with neglectful or abusive owners or trainers. But this weaning conversation gives us a whole new perspective on what good and bad starts can mean.

Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | with Felicity Davies


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Jec Ballou and Amy Skinner, an accomplished horsewoman who teaches classical dressage and horsemanship for all disciplines, answer a listener question from Lisa, who asks about proper lunging practices. It’s a great back and forth, short and to the point. Or I should say points, because there are several.

Dr. Chantel Pinard

Associate Professor, Ophthalmology at Ontario Veterinary College discusses eye care in the performance horse.

Podcast host Alexa Linton speaks with Lockie Phillips. She says, "As most of you know, I love my mares, but in this episode, we get into the specifics of how we can love the mares in our lives even better, and support them as the fully intact and amazing."

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