Maple Lane Equestrian Trailers

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Have an SUV but want to tow your horses? Consider Böckmann – horse trailers with a difference! 

These trailers are balanced to safely tow behind today’s mid-size SUV or small truck. Much like a boat trailer – but placing only a maximum of four percent of the total trailer weight on the tongue of the tow vehicle, Böckmann horse trailers do not tax the tow vehicle’s chassis. The independent overrun braking system is designed to constantly adjust the speed of the trailer to the speed of the tow vehicle. Never again worry about being pushed by a trailer while stopping. Unique roof designs change the airflow around the trailers to reduce drag, with wheels mounted like a car’s for better grip on the road. There’s no sway or back-drafting into the trailer - keeping the air fresh for your horses while keeping the trailer stable on the road.

So many safety features for horses are incorporated. Every trailer has adjustable stall bar settings to fit the stall to the horse. There is an external release system for stall bars in the event of an emergency. A stall support system allows the horse to relax in transit. The superior suspension system gives smooth, quiet rides. A five-foot ramp lowers the incline of entry, with patented rubber treading for grip in rain and snow. Advances in stall lighting let you choose white or the calming blue light for anxious horses. Easy to load and easy to hitch – see what’s waiting for you at

This information was provided by Maple Lane Equestrian Trailers.

Maple Lane Equestrian Trailers - Have an SUV but want to tow your horses?