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equine Navicular Disease Farriery, Cole Henderson, horse navicular, navicular syndrome, chronic heel lameness, caudal heel syndrome, No Foot No Horse

Navicular disease, now referred to as navicular syndrome, chronic heel lameness, or caudal heel syndrome, was first documented in 1752 by farrier Jeremiah Bridges in his famous book No Foot, No Horse (published some 40 years before the opening of the Royal Veterinary College in London, England).

saddle soap, clean horse tack, care for horse tack, Jochen Schleese, Equine Ergonomist, care horse leather, clean horse leather

Taking proper care of your leather goods will greatly enhance their appearance and lifespan. One of the greatest misconceptions in leather care has been with the correct use of saddle soaps. Saddle soaps are basically just what their names imply: soaps, and as such are to be used for cleaning only. In fact, sweat, which is acidic, and soap are the two greatest enemies of leather if they are not removed. Saddle soap should be used to rid the leather of accumulated sweat and grime which, if left on, will result in the leather becoming brittle and cracking. It is important to keep your saddle and other leather goods clean so they don’t irritate your horse’s skin, and to protect your investment.

Ian Millar Record 10th Pan Am, Starting Gate Communications, TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games, individual final show jumping, Caledon Equestrian Park, Yann Candel, Eric Lamaze, Michel Vaillancourt

Equestrian competition officially came to a close at the TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games with the individual final in show jumping taking place on Saturday, July 25, at the OLG Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park in Caledon, ON.

McLain Ward, Pan Am Individual Show Jumping Gold, Canada Team Gold, Pan-Am Games, TORONTO 2015 Pan-American, Caledon Equestrian Park, Andres Rodriguez, Michel Vaillancourt, Yann Candele, Tiffany Foster, Eric Lamaze, Ian Millar

In a series of competitions that could hardly have been choreographed to better effect, Canada claimed the team title while America’s McLain Ward clinched individual gold in Show Jumping at the TORONTO 2015 Pan-American Games at the OLG Caledon Equestrian Park, Ontario, Canada.

Eventing medal, TORONTO 2015 Pan-American Games, Caledon Equestrian Park, 2016 Olympic Games, Philip Dutton, Lauren Kieffer, Marilyn Little, Boyd Martin, Pan-Am Eventing, Jessica Phoenix, Kathryn Robinson, Waylon Roberts, Colleen Loach, Pavarotti

The USA scooped both the team and individual titles as Eventing came to a close on July 19, 2015, at the TORONTO 2015 Pan-American Games at the OLG Caledon Equestrian Park, Ontario, Canada. Always with their eyes on the target of that single qualifying spot on offer for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Philip Dutton, Lauren Kieffer, Marilyn Little, and Boyd Martin had forged a marginal lead over the host country in Dressage on July 17th. And once out in front, they held on tight to triumph ahead of Brazil, while Canada had to settle for bronze.

Steffen Peters, Laura Graves, TORONTO 2015 Pan-American Games, Caledon Equestrian Park, Chris von Martels, 2016 Olympic Games, Kimberly Herslow, Prix St George, Brittany Fraser, Chris Von Martels, Belinda Trussell, Megan Lane

America’s Steffen Peters and Laura Graves added individual gold and silver on July 14th to the team title secured on July 12th at the TORONTO 2015 Pan-American Games at the OLG Caledon Equestrian Park, Ontario, Canada. The host nation’s Chris von Martels scooped individual bronze.


Reining by the Bay is offering a $23,500 reward for information leading to the capture and...

The Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) based in Richmond, Ontario, is now accepting...

For more than a decade, horse enthusiasts of all kinds have been coming to Chilliwack each fall...

There’s a new police horse on the force at Halifax Regional Police (HRP). The newest member of...

Alyssa Selman, 29, was riding in the sixth race on Saturday, June 27 at Winnipeg’s Assiniboia...

 Jonathan Field, Natural Horsemanship, Mounting a Horse, Mounting a Green Horse, Horse Behaviour

In this article I will describe the procedure I use to safely mount a horse, and point out some important things to be aware of when mounting and dismounting. Whether...

By Lindsay Grice - Falling off hurts! It can shake a rider’s confidence so much that many choose to abandon riding altogether, and it can scare their horse, too.

performance horse stress, performance horse psychology

It is common knowledge that a horse must achieve optimal physical fitness in order to deliver a peak performance, but what kind of impact does psychological condition...

Safe Road Riding on Horseback

By Horse Council BC - As many equestrians take to the roads, keeping themselves and their horses safe while sharing road space with cars, trucks, motorcycles and...

By April Clay, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist - Analysis does have a dark side: it can lead to the “thinking too much” syndrome. Most riders have experienced this...

Shetland Pony Allergies, Insect bite hypersensitivity, ponies allergies

Shetland ponies have an immune response to insect bites that is helping scientists understand how people might be prevented from developing allergies.

Feeding for Happy Horse Feet

By Lynn Stewart - Many factors can affect hoof quality, including environment, genetics, farrier care, and nutrition. Fortunately, a horse’s nutrition can be easily...

How to Care for Your New Foal

By Mark Andrews, DVM - You have waited eleven months for your foal to arrive. Now he is here what can you do to ensure he gets off to the best possible start in life...

Spring Horse Care

By Kentucky Equine Research - Do you ride all winter, no matter how deep the snow gets, or do you hang up your saddle at the first cool breeze in autumn? If the...

Common Signs of Dental Problems in Horses

By Horse Council BC - Your horse needs proper dental care just like you do. Left unattended, gums and teeth may become damaged over time, or food may become trapped,...

SeeHorse, Wearable horse Device, AgInnovation Ontario, Ontario Equestrian Federation

There’s a new wearable technology for horses that lets them email their owner or veterinarian if they’re not well. Similar to the wristbands or gym fitness straps...

Equine safety is one of the main concerns horse owners face on a daily basis. Their four-legged friends can become bored, mischievous, or inquisitive, and sometimes...

Diamond Shelters, arena builders manitoba, lavern dueck, equine covered arenas, horse arenas, equine arenas, fabric structures

LaVern Dueck loved building things as a kid. He grew up on his parents’ farm near Whitemouth in eastern Manitoba where they raised grain, hogs, poultry, and cattle....

In The Compassionate Equestrian published by Trafalgar Square Books, veterinarian Dr. Allen Schoen and trainer Susan Gordon explore the profound values of compassion...

Cowboy Magic was founded by Jim and Charlotte Cummings in 1979 to provide high quality grooming products, including shampoos, conditioners, finishing sprays, and gels...

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