Boett USA - Sweet Itch Veterinarian Blanket from Sweden
The Horse Store, Calgary, AB

Hoof Care

Jogging Shoes for Horses

The Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes have unique characteristics compared to other hoof boots now available for horses. 

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Electric Hoof Knife

The Electric Hoof Knife (EHK) is a revolutionary hoof trimming tool designed for use by horse owners who like to trim...

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White Line Disease

By Kentucky Equine Research

The white line is the narrow, light-coloured band visible on the underside of...

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Last year the heavy rains and flooding that...

One hundred and sixty-five horse-and-rider...

Canada’s Belinda Trussell of Stouffville, ON,...

The Canadian Dressage Team rode to a ninth...

The Canadian Reining Team stepped up to the...


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