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Reliable trailers for the long haul.

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Vantage Trailer Sales in Lethbridge, Alberta, is the go-to dealership for horse trailers. They offer several brands including Lakota, Titan, Barrett, 4-Star, and Hart trailers, all featuring safety, comfort for the travelling horse, and efficiency for the rider. But if Vantage prides itself on product quality and competitive pricing, it distinguishes itself with customer service.

The company was started in 2010 with two people in a home-based office. Today the dealership, owned by Els Van Hierden, has four sales people with different focus areas including trailers for horses, cattle, and RV campers. The most common questions customers ask are about the brands of trailers that Vantage sells, warranties, trade-in options, and advice on which trailer will fit what size of horse. They also have a full-service shop and parts department.  

“We service everything on wheels in both RV and the horse industry,” says Van Hierden.

This commitment and attention to detail has resulted in many repeat customers and the recent expansion with the service shop means they can provide a wide range of one-stop services.

“We specialize in finding the right trailer for the customer that meets the needs of the horses and their discipline,” he says. “Our typical [equestrian] customer is looking for a trailer to fit a specific need [such as] a warmblood trailer, a show trailer with extensive living quarters, or a rancher wanting a stock combo to put a bull or cow in the front and horses in the back.”

This year, Vantage Trailer Sales developed an Ambassador Program to help sponsor youth in the agriculture industry. The program encourages youth to strive toward their goals, both financially and with guidance, support, networking, confidence-building, and work opportunities, helping them build skills as a team member. 

“The applicants write an essay pertaining to what facets they compete in, previous volunteer roles and opportunities, their career goals, their goals within the agriculture industry, associations/organizations they compete in, and how they want to volunteer within their community with the help of Vantage Trailer Sales,” says Brittany Beyes, marketing specialist. “These applicants are our agriculture industry’s future [as are] each of our customers.”

At the heart of Vantage Trailer Sales, though, is customer service and they believe in striving for continual improvement in all they do. Edward Van Hierden, general manager, does not hesitate when asked what sets Vantage apart from its competitors. 

“Service that blows your socks off,” he says. “That’s what we strive for.”

For more information please visit Vantage Trailer Sales.

Vantage Trailer Sales - Reliable trailers for the long haul.
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