nikwax horse blanket waterproofing, nikwax rug wash, nikwax rug proof

nikwax horse blanket waterproofing, nikwax rug wash, nikwax rug proof

By Nikwax

Proper care for your turnout sheets and blankets

Turnout sheets and blankets are essential when it comes to keeping your horse dry and comfortable in the pasture. They repel water, but are also breathable and allow your horse to handle temperature changes. As spring (mud season!) is rolling around the corner, make sure you are properly caring for your turnout blankets and sheets to ensure the best performance and the most longevity.

Cleaning is key. Dirt and mud on the surface of a turnout sheet will cause it to absorb water, making your horse cold and clammy. Additionally, if your horse is wearing a wet blanket for an extended period, it can have negative health effects. Regular cleaning will keep your sheets and blankets in tip-top condition.

Proper care products are important. Conventional detergents leave behind residues that harm water-repellency. Using Nikwax Rug Wash deep cleans while ensuring the best possible waterproof performance.

Water-repellency isn’t forever. Over time, the factory-applied water-repellency will wear off. When this happens, there is no need to throw out your sheets and blankets! After cleaning thoroughly with Nikwax Rug Wash, use Nikwax Rug Proof to add water-repellency while maintaining breathability. It’s important to use a waterproofing product that maintains breathability, so your horse can regulate their temperature efficiently when the weather changes. 

nikwax horse waterproof blanket horse

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Following these proper care steps will not only ensure your horse is healthy and happy, but will also save you money by getting more seasons out of your turnout sheets and blankets. 

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This profile was originally published in the Spring 2018 issue of Canadian Horse Journal.


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