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Here at Sports Saddles, we offer a variety of skirting shapes and seat sizes. Our saddles are built for any Western and Endurance performance functions and are more often custom designed for extreme and specific disciplines. For many riders, it can be challenging finding the saddle that is both comfortable and secure for both themselves and their horse or horses, so Sports Saddles are designed to fit securely to different conformation types.

Driven by a passion for quality and comfortable saddles, Robert Marshall began making ranch and cutting saddles in the 1970s. In the 1980s he started designing and developing sports saddles as his Sports Saddle Inc., based in Salem, Kentucky, grew.

What makes these saddles unique today is that the pommel is independent of the cantle, and it conforms to different shoulder widths and wither heights because the angle of the pommel is not rigidly set as it is in regular saddles. With the saddle cinched snuggly, the non-tree base saddle conforms to the unique shape of the horse’s shoulders.

Our saddles are hand-built by our experienced team of leather craftsmen, and hand-tooled using the best materials. We also have a line of saddle pads that may be custom-built as well. Barrel racers and trail riders love the light weight and flexibility. The pommel and cantle can move independently, adjusting to the horse’s back and movement. A variety of rigging placements are available for the rider’s individual positional needs. We also have saddles for children starting in 10-inch seat sizes.

We offer a variety of payment methods, and in-stocks that can be tried out and returned. We have a saddle lease program, and financing is also available through other methods. Some customers use the lease as a layaway plan for Christmas.

Our greatest accomplishments have been providing riders with comfortable, custom-made saddles that meet their horses’ specific needs, as well as the riders’ own needs no matter what kind of riding they enjoy.

Visit our website to see our selection and learn more about Sports Saddle.

Sports Saddle

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