Canadian Horse Journal - Early Summer 2019

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  • The Hard Lives of Sable Island Horses - These tough little horses have adapted to the harsh realities of living on their island of sand, yet still face many challenges.
  • Scientists May Attempt to Clone Ancient Foal - Global warming has revealed the frozen carcass of a now-extinct species of horse that lived more than 40,000 years ago.
  • Tips for the Savvy Online Shopper - Pros and cons, and expert tips to help make your cybershopping a positive experience. 
  • Horsemanship with Jonathan Field - These exercises will teach your young horse to move forward with ease and willingness.
  • The Longe Cavesson - This indispensable tool for groundwork is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can own.
  • Go Horse Camping for Fun and Adventure - The essentials of camping with your horse – any rider can get out there and join the fun.
  • In the Matter of Fairness - A Nova Scotia rider loses her amateur status and receives harsh penalties after accepting an honorarium for volunteering.
  • Canadian Farm Builders 2018 Award Winners - Talk about dream barns! Check out the winning entries in the equine categories.


  • Barn on Fire! - Horse barn fires are the most common of all farm fires. Learn these fire prevention strategies to reduce the ever-present risk. 
  • About Fence! - Fencing is an essential part of any horse farm. Our experts weigh in on this valuable investment in protecting your horses and safeguarding your property.
  • Let’s Talk MUD - Take these steps to reduce the mud on your farm and create a safer environment for your horses.


  • Feeding Myths and Misconceptions - How to find accurate, reliable information about equine feeding and nutrition in the era of “alternative facts” and propaganda.
  • Happy Hips for Horse and Rider - The pelvis is complex area that impacts every other part of the body.


  • Celebration of Horses Photo Contest
  • Horse Council BC News
  • Products We Love
  • Country Homes & Acreages
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association News
  • Manitoba Horse Council News

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