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Horses, trucks, and trailers are all big investments, so it makes sense to use the best tools available to help keep horses and drivers safe and comfortable while hauling down the road. In addition, horses are live cargo that moves around when traveling and hauls very differently than “dead weight” cargo.

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Brain bucket, crash helmet, head armour, noggin shade, bump cap. Protective helmets have many derogatory names and a long history of ridicule. For decades, hockey players’ sweaty locks flopped about as players slammed into the ice and were walloped by pucks. Skiers protected their brains from colliding with trees by pompom-topped toques, and cyclists wore a leather hairnet to protect their brains from smashing into the pavement. Horseback riders boasted trendy top-hats in the late 1700s, while the fashionable bowler was invented in 1849. Apparently, the bowler’s “tasteful design meant that it didn’t blow off easily.” Fortunately, protective headgear design and social acceptance have evolved.

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Equine farms have their own set of tasks that make compact and maneuverable machines a necessity. Weidemann articulated loaders, telescopic loaders, and telehandlers provide ideal material handling solutions to increase productivity every day. In addition to a compact footprint, these machines can be equipped with many different attachments for versatility that horse farm owners will find indispensable.

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SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc., the developers of brand PUREFORM®, first presented their targeted nutritional supplement concentrates to the equine and pet markets in 1997. The first equine products were designed to target horse joint pain (GHCL Plus/Glucosamine PLUS), as well as inflammation and respiratory issues (Curcuzone/First Response). They were so well received by the equine community in North America that the company received awards and accolades within the first two years.

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Horses have an extraordinarily large digestive system — compared to humans they have more than double the length if you were to place them side-by-side, start to finish! This long path for food digestion is packed with twists and turns (and the inability to vomit), so it’s easy to see how digestive upsets can occur in our equine partners. Below is a quick overview to give you a better understanding of how we can feed to our horses’ needs while keeping in mind how they evolved.

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The horse industry is changing. Horse welfare has become an everyday concern; veterinary medicine has advanced substantially; and the costs of horse ownership have risen. So, it’s time for the horse insurance industry to change, too.

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The Horse Habit located at Kemble, Ontario, was established 29 years ago by Ellen O’Reilly, with the mission “To bring quality equipment to the horse and their human.”

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For horse owners, one of the most frequent areas of pressing health concern is their animals’ digestive system. Colic, ulcers, diarrhea, and leaky gut syndrome can be a constant affront to the well-being and success of equine athletes.

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Shorter, colder winter days are the perfect time to take online courses and webinars that are prevalent throughout the horse industry. Online courses allow students to learn without leaving home, at times that fit their schedule, and increase engagement when riding time is limited. Courses are offered via live-streamed interactive webinars or symposiums, pre-recorded videos, or a series of videos and readings. Topics include business management, equestrian science, equine anatomy, equine journalism, exercise physiology, first aid, horse camping, horse welfare, nutrition, stable management activities, and many more. Timeframes vary from an hour to multiple days or weeks and pricing differs, too, with some courses offered for free while others are fee-based. Courses may lead to certification or provide continuing education credits for coaching certifications and there are courses for almost every interest, learning style, budget, and schedule — beneficial for those wanting to advance their horse industry skills and knowledge — plus advantageous for the horse industry overall.

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The photo album of contest winners for Canada’s longest running equine photo contest is live.