By Emily Penn - The fifth season of CBC’s hit TV show Heartland was another great year of the family drama we love so much. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the latest season features the further adventures of our favourite characters and horses at the bustlingly busy Heartland Ranch.

A Marvelous Mustang: Tales from the Life of a Spanish Horse

How often do we riders wonder what our horses are thinking? A Marvelous Mustang is a fascinating story seen through the eyes of Skandranon Rashkae (“Skan”), a Spanish Mustang. Author and Skan’s owner, Janice M. Ladendorf, relates the tale of Skan’s first four years of life, from his birth as a wild horse on the range at Horse Head Ranch in North Dakota, to his capture, gentling, and eventual acceptance of life as a riding horse.

Downunder Horsemanship TV with Clinton Anderson

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - You may be an avid fan and practitioner of natural horsemanship, or perhaps you’re looking to learn more about natural training methods. In either case, Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship TV offers an informative step-by-step demonstration of his methodology.

Blue Creek's Trail Riding & Packing DVD

Whether you’re a serious back country rider, or simply interested in learning practical trail tips, Blue Creek’s Trail Riding and Packing DVD is for you. In this DVD, Stan Walchuk Jr., author of the Trail Tips column in Canadian Horse Journal, takes the information from his articles and extensive experience in trail riding and condenses it into an entertaining four-hour-long video.

Horse of a Lifetime by Dr. Helen Douglas

Horse of a Lifetime by Dr. Helen Douglas is a collection of sixty unique stories about amazing horses across Canada, beautifully presented in a hardcover volume. Not just reserved for the famous horses, this book tells the stories of Canada’s unsung heroes, from the family pet to the competitive athlete.

The Rescue of Belle & Sundance: A Miracle on Mount Renshaw

The Rescue of Belle and Sundance: A Miracle on Mount Renshaw, written by Birgit Stutz with Lawrence Scanlan, tells the true story of the incredible rescue effort launched by residents of McBride to save two packhorses abandoned on the slopes of Mount Renshaw, in Northeastern British Columbia. Belle and Sundance were discovered, imprisoned in six-foot-deep snow, on December 15, 2008. They were starving, freezing, and very close to death. Despite their appalling condition, the decision was made to try to save them.

Heartland Season 4 DVD Set

CBC’s hit television series, Heartland, has just released its Fourth Season DVD set, Healing Horses…Healing Hearts. This Canadian based show, set on a family ranch, Heartland, in southern Alberta, is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family, and especially the horse lover.



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