Podcast - Mare/Gelding Bias

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Source: Best Horse Practices Podcast | Episode 27

In this segment, we kind of continue - tangentially anyway - with our Gender Gyrations project to talk about mare/gelding bias in the horse world.

Yep. Mares are mare-ish and geldings are not. Or geldings have studdy behavior. Or whatever.

And, yes, I’m using the word ‘whatever’ to draw attention to and maybe poke fun at the myriad ways in which we can discriminate against or judge horses by their gender. I think a lot of times it is fun. But it’s fun in the way making fun of someone from Texas is fun. It’s fun in the way making fun of someone who rides English is fun. Which is to say, it really just shows off how uninformed and maybe how ignorant we can be.

Blaming a behavior on gender is a good way to let ourselves NOT be accountable for learning the facts and appreciating the larger picture of who this horse is and what its needs are.

Thanks for listening y’all!

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