Podcast - Life as a Black Equestrian

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Source: The Whole Horse Podcast by Alexa Linton | Episode 63 

I am deeply appreciative to Stephanie Kallstrom for this opportunity to have an important conversation and to continue the discussion around diversity and inclusion within the horse industry, and to begin the essential conversation about anti-racism, the impact of racial trauma, and how we can begin to adopt a trauma-informed approach in barn cultures, horse communities and beyond. This may not be an easy podcast to listen to, as the subject matter can be challenging, but I believe that awareness and knowledge is healing, and just like with horses, there is always more to learn and ways to do better (you’ll experience my own personal learning process happening throughout the podcast). Thanks for listening.

From Stephanie: "I’m a forever west Coast stereotype. I’m a dedicated daily power yogi, I like to hike with my dogs, be at the dog beach, am nearly vegan, an equestrian (hunter princess) and case manage for a shelter on Vancouver, BC's downtown eastside. I am Peruvian born and adopted (Afro-Peruvian, Nigerian heritage). I am also a survivor of trauma which has led me to strongly believe in trauma informed care an communication in order to serve all humans with dignity. I’m a strong advocate for marginalized people and personally and professionally work for equality for all. My favorite color is pink and you can always win me over with vegan baking of any kind and compassion for other human beings."

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