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In "How the Pros Stay Fit to Ride, Part 1", I interviewed some of our top Canadian dressage riders to see what they did to cross-train for riding. In this article, I am happy to bring you interviews with top Canadian show jumpers Amy Millar and Amanda Hay.

Heather Sansom, horse riding fitness, Ashley Holzer, Danielle Gallagher

You might think that a professional rider can afford to take time to cross-train because they are, after all, a professional athlete. I work with some pros on a weekly basis and I have to tell you, you probably have more personal discretionary time available than they do.

Interviewed by Emily Penn - Emily George is one of Canada’s up-and-coming riders. The 26-year-old made her debut on the Canadian Show Jumping Team at the Nation’s Cup in Buenos Aires on November 25, 2011. Her teammates were Jonathan Asselin, Angela Covert-Lawrence, and Tiffany Foster. George was the only one of the four to go clear in the first round, and the team’s performance in the second round was enough to secure the Gold Medal for Canada.

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It was just a moment. From exhilarating triumph to devastating loss in a second, Eric Lamaze was faced with a torment like no other when Hickstead, his beloved stallion, died upon completing a World Qualifier round at Verona, Italy, on November 6, 2011.

Interviewed by Melanie Huggett - Today’s horses are no strangers to air and long distance travel. Travel across Canada and over borders and oceans is necessary for many horses used in competition and breeding, as well as sale horses.

Interviewed by Jennifer Ward - Dynamic young dressage couple Tina and Jaimey Irwin of Stouffville, ON, have enjoyed an incredible year, welcoming their first child six months before Tina made her international debut and Jaimey coached one-half of the Canadian Dressage Team to a Silver Medal at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Interview with Amber Marshall

Interviewed by Melanie Huggett - CBC’s hit TV series Heartland, a drama set on a ranch in the foothills of southern Alberta, has captured the attention of horse lovers across the country. The series centers on sisters Amy and Lou Fleming who live with their grandfather, Jack, on his horse ranch.




Lakeland College - Major in Equine Science - Animal Science Technology Diploma, Vermilion, Alberta.





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