Horse Industry

Waiver of liability agreements or “waivers” can be an effective form of risk management in that they transfer liability for injuries from one person to another by means of a written contract. Waivers are commonly used in dangerous or high risk sports such as horseback riding. Although commonplace in the horse industry, waivers are often used without full knowledge as to the rationale behind their use or the standards required to ensure that they are legally enforceable.

Equine Doping - A Global Epidemic?

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - Just as human athlete doping occurs in nearly every major sport, so too can equine doping be found in just about every discipline in equestrian sport. Horse racing has historically been the sport that has attracted the most scrutiny with regard to horse doping, but a slew of highly publicized incidents over the past decade have led to increased awareness of illegal drug use in horses in other equestrian sports. Most notorious are the positive drug tests that resulted in the re-allocation of medals at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.

Eric Lamaze and Hickstead

By Karen Robinson - There is no way around it: Canada’s equestrian team came home from the 2012 Olympics with a black eye. Both the dressage and eventing teams were eliminated, and the jumpers completed the team competition with only three riders after Tiffany Foster’s horse Victor was disqualified for hypersensitivity.

Tax Talk for Horse People

By Karen L. Weslowski, LL.B., Litigation Lawyer - This article will review the laws associated with property taxes and personal income taxes as they relate to issues arising in the horse industry. It should be noted that these are both complicated areas of the law, and this article will provide a brief overview and introduction only.

horse business numbers

By Kathy Smith - Numbers help us put information in context and are an easy way to convey specific details. We need to know if that horse’s price is $2,000 or $20,000, whether he stands 15 hands or 16.3, or if he’s 3 years old or 12. Those numbers are details which help create a mental picture, and help us understand. A 25% discount is better than 10% off. And McDonald’s signs, which used to state the ever-increasing number served, now simply read: “Billions and billions served.”

By Kathy Smith - Suddenly, the concept of advertising value has come into the spotlight more than ever before. With the recent slower economy, most people are looking to save pennies where they can. While ceasing advertising has long-term negative consequences, businesses deserve to receive the most value from their advertising budget. By calculating the true value of advertising, it becomes easier to see which options will lead to greater value — and greater benefit for your business in the long term.

By Karen L. Weslowski, LL.B., Litigation Lawyer - Written contracts are becoming more common in the purchase and sale of horses as well as the provision of services such as training, leasing, breeding and boarding. Depending upon the wording of the contract, written contracts can provide greater certainty as to the rights and obligations of all parties involved.