Horse Industry

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By Margaret Evans - What does it cost to keep a horse today? Are more people entering the horse industry than leaving it? Which sectors of the riding community are growing? Defining the industry and assessing its significance for the purpose of the report meant the need to assess the number of horses in Canada and their various uses.

Beezie Madden at Spruce Meadows

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - Facilities such as Caledon Equestrian Park, in Palgrave, Ontario, and Spruce Meadows, in Calgary, Alberta, provide equestrian athletes with a venue to develop and showcase their talents, and horse fans with entertainment. But what do these sport competition sites contribute to the non-equine community?

Horse Trading

By Karen L. Weslowski, LL.B., Litigation Lawyer - In the September/October 2005 issue of Canadian Horse Journal, I provided an overview of the law with respect to the buying and selling of horses. Since that article was published, the British Columbia Provincial Court has issued a decision which clarifies the legal obligations of sellers. This decision is a strong warning to sellers that they have an obligation to disclose information about the horse they are selling.

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No matter how careful one is around horses, accidents happen. This article will discuss the potential legal liability arising from such situations as well as how to best minimize the risks associated with horse-related activities.

By Melanie Huggett - In order to give your horse the best chance at selling in today’s market, you must have a good marketing plan. These days, photo ads and videos are commonly used as a part of marketing a horse to buyers.

By Melanie Huggett - Within the last couple of years, video has become an essential part of marketing. It is the ultimate form of advertising and artistic expression.

Horse Shopping? 5 Keys to Success

By Lindsay Grice - When I have a client who is looking for a horse, I often need to remind her to shop with her head and not her heart. Colour, cuteness, or a fancy pedigree must take second place to other more basic qualities: temperament, tolerance, training, talent, and soundness.