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In 1893, Capo Industries was founded with a mission to outfit Canadians with specialized leather polishes, along with a range of contemporary household products. Now into its fourth generation of family ownership, Capo has grown exponentially over the years, but the legacy of Canadian-made leather care products remains strong within the historical fabric of the firm. 

Ironstock Leather Care takes its inspiration from the twin legacies of Capo Industries and the Canadian horse breed, known affectionately as the “Little Iron Horse.” In fact, Ironstock Leather Care is the first product line of Canadian-made equine leather care products to enter the market in decades. 

“In a segment overwhelmed by foreign made products, the time seemed right to rejuvenate our professional formulas, and respond to the need for local product in the industry,” says Nick Ridpath, Director of Marketing at Capo. Further to this point, Capo develops and controls the makeup of each proprietary formula through their in-house laboratory and testing facilities. These formulas have been modernized to account for environmental impacts, but the professional quality standards remain the same. 

The new Ironstock family of products includes the following: 

Saddle Soap & Multi-Purpose Leather Cleaner — The first Canadian-made saddle wash designed to destroy the cell integrity of bacteria and viruses. Packaged in a prolonged mist diffuser for complete tack coverage. 

Cleaner & Conditioner with UV Protectant — A modern formula designed to combine the steps needed for both deep cleaning and conditioning of leather. This professional restorative formula includes robust protection against the harsh effects of the sun. 

Neatsfoot Oil Leather Conditioner — The classic workhorse of any leather care program. This formula is a proprietary blend of Neatsfoot oil and other natural ingredients designed to rejuvenate leather and repel moisture. 

The Ironstock brand is relentless in pursuing new features that are unique to the leather care market, such as the new Saddle Soap with an ability to destroy the cell integrity of viruses. 

Ironstock Leather Care is produced entirely in Burlington, Ontario. In keeping with their dedication to preeminent service, Capo has partnered with another Canadian-owned firm, Cavalier Equestrian Inc., for professional North American distribution.  

The love of horses has always been a part of the Ridpath family and intertwined with the Capo name. “My father loved spending time in the barns at the racetrack; he was keenly involved in the harness racing at Woodbine in the warmer months, and down south during the winter,” says current Capo president Doug Ridpath. “We hope the Ironstock brand reflects not only Capo’s legacy in the industry, but also the future of Canadian equine leather care for years to come.” 

The same qualities found in Canada’s “Little Iron Horse” — strength, reliability, and quality — are displayed to this day at Capo Industries Ltd. and featured in the Ironstock products. 

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Made in Canada since 1893. 

best leather cleaner saddles, horse leather cleaners, top leather shampoo, ironstock equine, saddle soaps, leather conditioner, leather oil

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