Horse Crazy

By Lindsay Grice - It’s important to keep it very simple when coaching children. I usually give the young ones only two or three things to think about before their class. I give the student specific word pictures as guidelines that are easily understood.

A Good Minded Horse

By Lindsay Grice - A good minded horse is a must for any novice rider. We can be easily swayed by a beautiful mover or an attractive package, but a good minded horse will often rise to the top because of his reliability and consistency.
I have had the opportunity to work with many really good minded horses over the years.

As riders, younger children are best introduced to as wide a variety of equestrian disciplines as possible. There is plenty of time for them to specify as they mature and start to show clear strengths and tendencies. In the meantime, fostering a healthy sportsmanship and leadership attitude, and other qualities such as patience and self-discipline early on, will provide them with psychological tools to excel under pressure later in life.

Riding can be a fantastic growth opportunity for children. Like any other sport, riding provides ample circumstances for children to learn great life skills like good sportsmanship, responsibility, commitment, and active lifestyle habits. Being in a relationship with another living creature and accomplishing tasks together adds further benefits.