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Many people with a passion for horses dream of one day turning that passion into a career. Today, there are many opportunities to pursue a horse-related occupation, from the more traditional career paths, to jobs that combine equine knowledge with non-horsey skills and experience, to professions in new areas of specialization. Opportunities for the training, education, and experience to prepare for a horse industry career are more accessible than ever before.

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Living Your Dream Career with Horses - We have all dreamed of working with horses full-time. Some of us have achieved the dream and others are just waiting for the right opportunity.

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If one of your passions is horses (and this seems a likely possibility given that you’re reading these words), you may have dreamed about an equine-related career for years. Perhaps your long-standing interest in a particular sector of the horse industry will give you a specific goal to work toward, as it did for farrier Dean Sinclair.

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If horses are your passion, there’s no better place to study for your degree than England’s Hartpury College – the largest equestrian centre in the world. Whether you want to work with horses or just want to ride and enjoy the outstanding equine facilities while gaining a first-class education, their courses can open doors to your dream career.

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A recent study published in the Autism Research and Treatment Journal showed that children with autism are far less physically active than their non-spectrum peers, although just as physically capable. This finding suggests that children with ASD simply need more exposure to opportunities to engage in physical activity, which all children need in order to set a foundation for a healthy life.

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Equine veterinary assistants and veterinary technicians work alongside equine veterinarians as they diagnose and treat horses. There is a fair amount of overlap between the two positions, including providing hands-on assistance for the veterinarian, and performing lab work and basic administration duties, but a veterinary technician has additional training in animal nutrition, pharmacology, developing X-rays, and advanced clinical duties, and usually earns a higher salary.

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Equine veterinarians are responsible for providing preventative health care as well as treating illnesses and injuries in horses. This includes everything from giving vaccinations and floating teeth, to diagnosing lameness and administering emergency first aid. Veterinarians can also choose to specialize in a specific area of equine health care such as surgery, theriogenology (reproduction), dentistry, and internal medicine.




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