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Photo: courtesy of Calgary Stampede, of Farrier Ben Yager

Many of us have fantasized about a career with horses, and these days your options go far beyond riding coach, trainer, or equine veterinarian. Here are profiles on five professionals who combined their love of horses with other interests and ended up in rewarding, enjoyable careers in the horse industry.

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Have you dreamed of a career in the horse industry? There are a variety of opportunities available for those looking to make a living with horses. Following are eight of the many equine careers you might wish to consider.

By Melanie Huggett - You’ve mentored with a successful coach and learned much from them, taken appropriate courses and gotten certified, and you’re ready to teach. But have you thought about the location you are going to coach from, how you are going to gain clients, and how to maintain and upgrade your skills?

The Morrisville State College Equine Rehabilitation Center, one of the few publicly accessible facilities in the Northeast, offers equipment and rehabilitation techniques to keep healthy horses conditioned and to help injured equine athletes recover, post-injury or post-surgery. Cutting-edge equipment includes an underwater treadmill, solariums, cold saltwater spa, laser therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound.

Rocky Mountain Distributed Learning School has been delivering three quality high school level equine courses to residents of BC for the last seven years. Students learn about horse physiology, psychology, breeds, health, training, riding, careers and more, while gaining credits for graduation. We also offer a host of other elective and academic courses.

Equine Guelph and the Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support of the University of Guelph in Ontario provide a unique educational partnership dedicated to the health and well-being of horses. They offer expertise and leadership through online learning and professional development.

Hoof and Paw Body Workers provides an opportunity for each student to formulate their own education with multiple courses and modalities. Whether you are looking to begin a career in the industry, or to expand your education in your current practice, check out Hoof and Paw Body Workers – “your Canadian connection for international Equinology and Caninology courses!” Graduates are eligible for IEBWA membership.



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