Breed Profiles

By Caitlin MacDonald - Many regard the Miniature Horse as an oddity or as a novelty. When a person first encounters a Miniature Horse, he will often exclaim one of two things: “Look at the cute little pony!” or “What do you DO with them?”

The Fantastical Friesian

By Melanie Huggett - The Friesian horse’s striking looks, long flowing hair, and expressive gaits make these “Black Pearls” a sight to behold. It is also a horse with a rich history and an endearing temperament. Ask any Friesian enthusiast and they will tell you these horses are creatures of dreams and fantasies.

By Melanie Huggett - Though often unacknowledged, the Canadian Horse has nevertheless been an integral part of Canada’s history and development. Roxanne Salinas of Legacy Canadians in Mission, BC, thinks it’s important for people to know how “intertwined [Canadian Horses] are with Canadian history. They are part of our heritage. [They] go back to the founding families. They go back generations and generations.”

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The Percheron demonstrates its quality of performance as a sport and pleasure horse in addition to its better-known role in transportation and agricultural work. The breed is distinguished by an elegance, style, and alertness typical of a light horse, but with the calm temperament of a large draft.

Curlies, as the Curly Horse is fondly called, have many unique characteristics, none the least of which are their versatility, hardiness, and gentleness.

If history was written on the back of a horse as inscribed at Kentucky’s Horse Park, then the history of Britain and its transportation system was written on the back of a Fell pony. By any definition, these versatile equines have been doing their fair share of heavy lifting for thousands of years.