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Stylish Saddlebred

By Melanie Huggett - The American Saddlebred is the quintessential show horse. Proud and athletic, they light up any space with their presence and eye-catching looks. But the Saddlebred is also much more than a show horse. For 200 years, the breed has been a great riding horse, cavalry horse, and family companion.

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To look at an Andalusian, it is not hard to see why they are nicknamed the “Horse of Kings.” An elegant appearance and impressive movement make the Andalusian difficult to ignore. Praised by man for millennia, this ancient breed has long been thought to be the ideal riding companion.

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In this article, we’ll explore the registration, licensing, and inspection procedures of the Canadian Warmblood, the present state of Warmblood breeding programs in Canada, the future of the CWHBA, and the Canadian Warmblood in sport today. To fully understand the future of the Canadian Warmblood, let’s take a closer look at the CWHBA registration and approval processes.

Canadian Warmblood Horse Breed, canadian warmblood equine, canadian warmblood horse, Equus Caballus Mosbachensi, wild Rose Equine Services, distinct horse breed

These days however, riders don’t have to travel to Europe to purchase a horse suitable for performance in the Olympic disciplines. Warmblood breeding programs in Canada have gained amazing ground over the last couple of decades. Now, Canadian breeders are producing horses of the same calibre as their European counterparts.

By Melanie Huggett - In 1789 in Springfield, Massachusetts, a small bay colt was born. Named Figure, his owners would have had no idea that this foal would be the founder of one of America’s most popular breeds of horse: The Morgan.

By Caitlin MacDonald - Many regard the Miniature Horse as an oddity or as a novelty. When a person first encounters a Miniature Horse, he will often exclaim one of two things: “Look at the cute little pony!” or “What do you DO with them?”

By Margaret Evans - If history was written on the back of a horse as inscribed at Kentucky’s Horse Park, then the history of Britain and its transportation system was written on the back of a Fell pony. By any definition, these versatile equines have been doing their fair share of heavy lifting for thousands of years.



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