Stonecrest Engineering

Stonecrest Engineering
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2079 Line 34
Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada
Stonecrest Engineering provides professional engineering services which cater specifically to the agricultural industry. Our staff works with farm business owners and/or their builders to develop practical, environmentally sound site plans and on-farm structures that address current and future regulations.

Stonecrest Engineering is dedicated to engineering excellence for the agricultural industry. Our designs can be found all across Canada and the United States, and have recently been introduced into Eastern Europe.

Our engineering experience spans the entire agricultural industry, including: dairy, swine, poultry, beef, duck, goat, horse and sheep facilities as well as accessory buildings. Stonecrest Engineering works closely with our clients, to ensure that our drawings are structurally sound, and that layout accommodates animal traffic flow and comfort. We pride ourselves so that our clients experience successful projects that work for them today and in the future.
Product Lines + Services
Arenas, Barns, Equipment: Barns-Outbuildings
Disciplines: All
Breeds: All
Posted: Jan 30, 2017


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