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N.A.G. Bags
2620 Otter Lake Road
Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada
From horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and miniatures, to llamas, goats and exotics, Natural Alternative Grazers makes a slow feeder for every grazing animal. Veterinarians and equine health professionals, stable managers, equine teaching facilities and owners are all seeing the superior benefits of using a NAG Bag slow feeding system.

At Natural Alternative Grazers our mission is for all stable, boarding, show and breeding facility horses to have access to hay at all times, as they would if they were grazing naturally. We have a NAG Bag to suit your feeding needs, be it large or small round bales, hands free, large or small squares, flakes, stall or fence feeding, 1” mesh for ponies or miniature animals, or just a bag for your horse to push around his pen to alleviate boredom.
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Horse Health: Slow Feeders-Haynets
Disciplines: All
Breeds: All
Posted: Dec 12, 2014


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