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Gorgeous reg. Mangalarga Marchador Gelding (USMMA)

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The Mangalarga Marchador is a Lusitano descended breed developed in Brazil for smooth gaits and athleticism.
Zeus was raised on 300 acres in Oklahoma and professionally started in Arizona, he has had exposure to many situations, and is now ready to connect with a rider to take him into any discipline.
Zeus may be best suited for dressage, jumping, endurance or ranch work. He takes easily to new situations and loves to learn!
His gait of preference is Batida, also a lovely collected canter and will do Picada on occasion.
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$10,000 FIRM
Penticton, BC
Sport Horse
7 Years Old
15.2 HH
Sire: Ator Fazenda Zouga
Dam: Marchwind Ate Breve
Colour: Grey
Markings: Dark legs, white mane and tail
Weight: 1150 Lbs
Temperament: 6
Posted: Jul 30, 2017


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