Dr. Reeds

Dr. Reeds
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Reed developed his supplements for horses in the 1980’s to bridge the gap between the contents of the hay being produced and nutritional needs of his client’s horses. With help from experts in equine nutrition, Dr. Reed formulated his supplements for his own equine breeding stock and used them in his veterinary practice to improve coat quality, build strong hooves, improve performance and minimize the occurrence of muscle-related problems and colic. Both Formulas of Dr. Reed's Supplements for Horses are CFIA registered and all ingredients are evaluated and approved via established standard policies. These time-tested products are reviewed to to keep in line with current research and they contain exactly what their label indicates, in the amounts stated.

For over 15 years, these equine supplements have been available to horse owners across British Columbia. Our product must meet our client demands for quality and price.
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Posted: Nov 28, 2014


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