Seasonal Care

For some horses, certain flies cause an incessant, unbearable itch that won’t go away no matter how hard or long they scratch. This condition, called Recurrent Seasonal Pruritis or “Sweet Itch,” is a hypersensitivity to the bite of the tiny Culicoides fly, commonly known as midges, “punkies,” or “no-see-ums.”

Off Duty: How to Let Your Horse Down in the Off-Season

By Kentucky Equine Research - As your horse makes the transition to a life of leisure, you’ll be modifying just about everything in your horse’s day-to-day routine. How can you keep your horse healthy and happy as he makes this change? Follow these steps for a smooth transition.

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The sheer number of horse blankets on the market can make choosing the right one rather overwhelming. Modern blankets offer many options in fit, style, fabric, and accessories, with innovations made every year.